Friday, 16 December 2011

Word Order : WH questions words

Hello my fellow readers and learners. This is our first post and as the first lesson, I would like to teach all of you about WH questions.

Do you know what is WH questions?
and what is the functions of them? hmm?

okay let me explain. WH questions is the question that make use of interrogative words (also known as wh-words). We use question words to ask certain types of questions (question word questions). We often refer to them as WH words because they include the letters WH (for example WHy, HoW). We use WH question everyday in our conversation. 
Want more? Check this out! :)

Question Words


asking for information
or about something 
What is your name?

asking for repetition or confirmation
What? I can't hear you
asking for a reason, asking why
What did you do that for?
asking about time
When did he leave?
asking in or at what place or position

Where do they live?
asking about choice
Which color do you want?
asking what or which person or people (subject)
Who opened the door?
asking what or which person or people (object) 
Whom did you see?
asking about ownership
Whose are these keys?
Whose turn is it?
asking for reason, asking what...for
Why do you say that?
 Why don't
making a suggestion
Why don't I help you?
asking about manner
How does this work?

asking about condition or qualityHow was your exam?

This table can help you more to understand what is WH-Questions.
I hope you can get benefits from this post.
Thanks for reading :)

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